Mubadara Engineering is experienced in customized training in automation & instrumentations fields;

In customized training we study & collect data customer system installed base; SCADA software, PLC hardware, networking, communication protocols, field level buses, process application, ...etc.

Based on the study the training is prepared to cover installed system details therefore after training completion the trainee will be understanding the installed system and be able to handle the system either maintenance (proactive & preventive), follow up upgrades, updates & modifications.

So, customer team will be self-confident to handle the system.


References ex.

1-      Manaseer Cement Plant: Two weeks on Siemens S400 system & networking.

2-      Qaterana Power Plant: Two weeks on Rockwell system

3-      Jordan Bromine: Two weeks on Rockwell system

4-      Jordan Bromine:  One week DeltaV DCS

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